Do I Really Wanna Be (A Rock Star)

by Shea Rose

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“Do I Really Wanna Be (A Rock Star)" is the first release from the 'D.T.M.A (Dance This Mess Around)' EP. I damn near killed myself grindin' and tryin' to be a "rock star." This song begins to tell my story of failure and defeat, the #FallenWarrior. Must say though, the fall has been worth the awakening.


Pardon my interruption like the sports show
I’m the circle to you squares like dominos
Would you fellas like a taste of the cinnamon?
You ain’t getting my taxes like a Indian, Ho

Well I’m just saying hi, hi
You probably thinking that I’m playin' sides, na
Well I’m just sayin’ my sistas I know you wit’ me
There’s a lot of bad wolves in this big girl city

Pocketbook on my side
Heels, jeans on my thighs
Think Imma hit the city and steal somebody’s eyes
Tell em’ you heard it from me first that
I am the best and you’re the worst at judging me your honor

It’s no good, they said I was no good
Your girl is so ready, my flow is so steady
Steady on my feet even when the world’s heavy
Even if the clock stop, never will, ever ready

Oh, yeah, she’s a rock star yes
Oh, yeah, she wanna be a star now hey
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh, oh oh

And, autumn leaves crumble taste the last days of summer
Regret the last time I saw him rip the page numbers
Out the magazine mama screamed when she me in
Ebony posing with the Queen - UNITY

At times I’m wreckless, pushin’ for this success
How many steps does it take to get behind the music?
So deflated yet tomorrow I’m elated
Biggest critic is in my mind, day by day I try to slay it

So -f- that professor and industry folks professin’ and
Tryin’ to teach me a lesson and testin’ me
I’m not guessin’ see I got blessin’ I got my light, I got my star
It was gifted in my spirit since I was a little girl, like

CHORUS: (2x)
Oh, yeah, she’s a rock star yes
Oh, yeah, she wanna be a star now hey
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh, oh oh

OUTRO: (6x)
She, ee, is, is, a, a, star now
She, ee, wants to be a rockstar


released October 14, 2016
Producer: Teddy Roxpin
Writers: Shea Rose | Daniel Rose
​Lead Vocals: Shea Rose
​Vocal Arrangement: Shea Rose ​
​Background Vocals: Juliana Lopez Davis | Nichelle Mungo
Drums​ | Percussion​: Sheldon Thwaites
Guitar: Evan Digi
Recording Engineer | Mix Engineer: Robie Rowland
(Echo Recording Studio)
Mastering Engineer: Jonathan Wyner



all rights reserved


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Shea Rose Boston, Massachusetts

Shea Rose is a recording artist and singer-songwriter celebrated for her music, iconic fashion and commitment to music as vehicle for social change.

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